Overarching Lubricant Identification

Large Platinum Mine
A large and well-know platinum mine in South Africa used the ISLS to identify their products throughout their operation, from their bulk storage to their part numbering within their procurement system.

Lubricant Rationalisation

Large Diamond Mine
A large diamond mine in Botswana utilised the ISLS for the purpose of rationalisation of their lubricants resulting in a reduction of direct costs by R 0,66 per litre of lubricants consumed.

Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

Large Gold Mining Company 
A large gold mining company operating in Ghana implemented the ISLS as a lubricant comparative tool within their procurement system, mastering their material part numbers and reducing their annual lubricant budget by R10 million.

Lubricant Rationalisation and Data Mastering

Large Gold Mining Company
A large gold mining company implemented the ISLS at their operations in South Africa and West Africa and through this mastered their material part numbers against the ISLS and were able to reduce their line items significantly giving them a better overview of their lubricant requirements across operations.